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A program encouraging everyone to adopt a forward-thinking mentality.

What is Big Picture?

Big Picture is an initiative started by A Kizzle Brand (AKB) and James Norman to motivate people of all ages and get rid of complacency.

It's meant to create an environment where everyone feels motivated to take control of their circumstance.

Before Big Picture, everyone should get rid of the mindset of living in the moment or being a victim of your circumstance. Big Picture is about completely rejecting the idea that you aren't in control of what happens in your life.

What do you think when you hear the words, "Big Picture."

showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.
"you can't afford to be complacent about security"


Complacency tends to make you feel like you’ve reached your max potential; it’s a false sense of accomplishment. It’s normal to be satisfied after accomplishing a goal that you devoted your time, effort and resources into. However, complacency leaves many people feeling like they don’t need to accomplish anything more than what they may have already achieved.

Being complacent derails you from making progress in your life and normally leads to a lack of motivation.

For example, there’s many people that work a 9-5 job without putting effort into making passive income. You should always be saving for a rainy day.



the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.
"their lack of accountability has corroded public respect."
synonyms: responsibility, liability, answerability


Without accountability we will never be able to live up to our fullest potential. There's a place we all want to get to in our lives; for some people it's getting a good job, for others it's starting a business, but without accountability these goals we have can never come to fruition.

Take control of your circumstance and you'll be able to do anything you put your mind to. There's no one to blame, but yourself for the life you live. People who defer blame and hide behind excuses seldom accomplish anything in life.

We all know that life is hard and it's oftentimes unfair, but that's no excuse for you not to give it your best shot.


a source of pleasure.

Types of Gratification

There's two kinds of gratification - instant and deferred/delayed.

Instant gratification is the satisfaction gained from choosing now over tomorrow. It's what happens when people decide to prioritize the present instead of the future.

Deferred/delayed gratification is the satisfaction gained from choosing tomorrow over now. It's what happens when people decide to prioritize the future instead of the present.

I am a strong believer that we all have to struggle at some point in our lives. When we choose instant gratification we decide to struggle later in our life and when we choose deferred gratification we decide to struggle early in our life to enjoy the fruits of our labor later.

Which do you prefer?

What would you tell your high school self?

I asked social media what they would tell their high school selves and these are some of the responses I received.

"Don't do anything you're not completely sure of."


"Don't go to college if you're not ready."


"Find a mentor!"


"You have way more potential than you think - do that thing you're afraid of."


"Learn to love yourself."


"Be yourself."


"Actually look into colleges, don't just go to any college for the sake of going to college."


"You really can do anything."


"Focus on yourself."


"Listen to your heart and not the money."


"Don't get involved with 'hood' nonsense."


"Never let someone tell you what you can't do."


"Look into different routes instead of college."