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Don't Even Know

October 25, 2017
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The person in this piece symbolizes someone who's frustrated and doesn't know what they want to pursue in life. I feel like everyone has been the person in this graphic at some point in time - I definitely was. However, if you look closely at the person in this graphic you can see the moon creeping down his/her arm towards their hands which is meant to communicate that there are things happening we have no control over transforming us into the people we need to be to make our dreams a reality. The couch is colored differently than normal to show that we are all different and that if we acknowledge our differences we will be great at whatever we want to do. The galaxy background portrays the many different paths we can pursue in life which is why there are a large number of stars present. Also, the background is blurred because while we know there are many different things we can do, we oftentimes ignore these different options and choose whatever seems normal or acceptable to society. Lastly, the AKB logo is overlaid on the graphic because AKB was once a dream that I didn't think I could make a reality.

I want you to know that it's okay to not know if you should pursue a dream of yours because for a long time I felt that way about AKB. I also want you to ask yourself if you can live with the regret of not pursuing something you're passionate about. The fear of living with regret was what got me to start pursuing my dreams. I think it's better to start and try than make excuses and regret. There is no excuse for not starting to work on your dreams. Don't be that person that regrets not working on something they were passionate about. It's never too late to make it happen.

Everyone needs someone and if you need help starting, you know what to do.