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For anybody lacking self-worth

September 30, 2017
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I wrote this during a time where I was struggling identifying my value. I was in the, "Who Are You?" phase of my battle and I used this post to remind myself that I was never one to accept mediocrity in any aspect of my life. It has some concepts from my mindset and environment posts that are part of the Stimulus section of the blog.

You should think of your life as a safe deposit box. I’ve personally never had a safe deposit box, but I know they’re normally used to store people’s most valuable and important possessions – you need to have that kind of attitude when you think about yourself. The people you keep around you should be vetted to ensure they add spiritual, academic and/or mental value to your life, just like bank employees are vetted before they’re hired and before they’re given access to the location of the safe deposit boxes.

You need to safeguard every aspect of your life by distancing yourself from negative people and people who don’t share the same vision as you - these people can be considered as the rest of the bank. Safe deposit boxes are almost always in a secluded area of the bank where only certain trusted employees have access and you should do the same with your life. Only certain people should have access to who you truly are and what you plan to do with your life because not everyone will understand or have your best interest at heart. We all want to share our lives with others, but be sure you know who you’re sharing your life with.

You’re valuable and important, but you need to believe it and act like it first before other people do. Keep your circle small and keep it filled with people who add substance to your life.