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Fear kills dreams

July 2, 2017
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Please watch that entire video. I would rather you watch that video than read this post, and if you have already seen it then watch it again. That video has changed my life and I always finish watching it more motivated than ever to do something positive.

I've lived my whole life in fear. Fear of losing someone close to me, fear of starting new things, fear of not being accepted, fear of missing out, and the list goes on and on. I've realized through all this fear that fear is just a huge lie that we tell ourselves. Fear tells us that we can't do something because it won't work and we won't be successful. Fear tells us that failure is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs, even though failure is one of the purest forms of success there is. Someone reading this right now is saying, "he's dumb, those are opposites," which is cool. Failure is success. "I'm going to google the definition of fail, and look right here it says 'be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal.'" Failure is success.

You can't tell me that failure isn't success because AKB is just one big snowball of failures. I don't care what google says. Failure is success. I ordered over 20 different samples from suppliers before I found a supplier that was able to makehe way I wanted. Anything worthwhile is going to have its fair share of failures, but every failure is a lesson learned. You never truly fail. True failure comes from not trying at all. You've failed only if you haven't tried. There is someone reading this right now with an idea in their head for something they want to begin, and I implore you to embark on that journey because all that lies ahead is lessons and success. Fear is a lie and failure is success. If you don't believe me look at AKB.