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Let It Out

July 2, 2017
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I never thought I would get to the point where I was comfortable talking to the people around me about my issues and I'm still not completely there. There are still things that I keep from the people closest to me that I deal with every day, but this piece is meant to let me and anyone else finding it hard to open up know that it is okay to let it out. The setting for this piece is in gray scale to show that externally I was dull and gloomy about everything I experienced. However, the inside of the man's chest is a completely different story because internally there was a beauty to be found in what I went through. I used a blue moon because of the phrase "once in a blue moon," which is meant to symbolize how often people with depression reach out for help. People experiencing depression rarely ask for help and while it is important that we do, it is equally as important that the people around us reach out as well.

The problem with depression is that it paints one narrative in your head. It tells you to focus on all the negative aspects of a situation instead of trying to find the silver lining or the beauty in what you experienced. There is a beauty to be found in everything you go through regardless of how bad it may seem, and if you are having trouble finding that silver lining I am always available to help.

Everyone needs someone, I would be happy to be an addition to your support system.